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Software for your Agro business

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Software for your Agro business

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Software for your Agro business

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Software for your Agro business

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Software for your Agro business

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Field crops

ABS Fresh

ABS Fresh provides a solution for companies that are producing fresh products for the market locally or across the world. ABS Fresh can handle the production and sales of crops, fruit, flowers or trees as well as the logistic flows.

ABS Fresh is the renewed ERP software for companies producing for the fresh market. Whether your company produces roses, apples, tomatoes or other vegetables, flowers, fruit, trees or field crops, ABS Fresh can support your logistics.

The power of ABS Fresh is that it can help to forecast production in a longer time frame and will communicate yield estimates in real time to the sales department. Sales will know at an early stage, what is available to sell to the customers.

People inside and outside your company can work together in one system. ABS Fresh provides logistic documents in multiple languages and reports as well as excellent analysis tools. Tracking and tracing from production to delivery is simple and easy. Your logistics can be operated using mobile devices, thus simplifying data entry for each employee involved.

ABS Fresh produce is a client-server solution and can be placed in your headquarters or in a data-center outside your company.

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